I am a Full Stack Web Developer and Senior Engineering Manager writing about SaaS, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript and other developery things.

  1. Begin; Return; Shenanigans

    When using Ruby's begin block to memoize the result of an operation beware mixing it with return statements. Here's why.

  2. Getting Started With Code Reviews

    As a junior developer, starting out with code reviews can be intimidating — here are a few ideas that I hope can get you started.

  3. From WordPress to Rails

    Why I rebuilt my blog, moving from WordPress to Rails and going to a static website, rather than one driven by a database.

  4. New Job, New Programming Language

    I’ve used PHP as my language of choice for ten years but in July I started a job using Ruby. Here I share some tips on how to get the most out of a language change.

  5. Webpack and WordPress 💙

    How I use Webpack in my WordPress projects, complete with a boilerplate theme to get you up and running.